Frequently Asked Questions

What types of performances do you offer?

  • A Feature Performance typically lasts anywhere from 3 – 6 minutes and can include one or more performers. It is choreographed to specific music (we welcome requests) and is a highly impactful way to make your guests go “wow”! To maximize impact and bang-for-your-buck, Feature Performances are best scheduled for when your guests will be focusing their attention on the performance space. We recommend Feature Performances as a great way to introduce speeches and special guests, to add some extra dazzle to a bride and groom entrance, or as a great way to break up blocks of speeches. Aerial Silks and Partnered Acrobatic Dance are among our most popular Feature Performances.
  • Ambient Performances are scheduled in several sets of 10 – 15 minutes and are performed to whatever background music is playing at your event. Strategically placed to enliven your space, Ambient Performances are a great way to add visual interest while your guests are dancing, mingling or making their way into and around your venue. These types of performances make great ice-breakers and topics of conversation. Popular options include Contortion, Hula Hoop Dance, Aerial Hoop, and Aerial Silks.
  • Another great way to liven your space while your guests are mingling is to bring in Roaming Performers. Like the name suggests, these performers will roam your space and interact with your guests. Popular options include Close-up Magic and Clowning.
  • A Show is a combination of various dance and circus performances which can include Aerial and Ground elements. Typically lasting anywhere from 20 – 45 minutes, a Show is a great way to give your guests a really big experience. Dinner and a show, perhaps?
  • Aerial Champagne Pouring is really popular right now. It entails one or more professional Aerialists serving your guests champagne while suspended in Aerial Silks or another Aerial apparatus. Aerial Champagne Pouring is booked in 30 minute time slots and is a great addition to your cocktail hour or main event. These also make great photo-ops and conversation pieces. The kid-friendly version has us serving punch or handing out loot bags!

What’s the difference between an Aerial Performance and a Ground Performance?

  • An Aerial Performance is one that happens on an Aerial apparatus such as Aerial Silks, Aerial Hoop (Lyra), or Trapeze. The apparatus is suspended from support structures and an Aerialist (or two or three) performs above ground, using the apparatus to wrap, spin, swing, dance, and even drop in beautiful, dynamic, and surprising ways.
  • A Ground Performance happens on the ground (though jumping, throwing and catching may be involved!). These include Acrobatic Dance, Contortion, Hula Hoop Dance, Clowning, Magic, Juggling, etc.

What do your Shows entail?

We have several packages that combine circus disciplines and dance. We also create custom packages to suit your event. Please inquire!

Can you create a custom Show for my event?

Yes! Please get in touch. We will absolutely work with you to create the show of your dreams. 

Can you tailor a performance(s) to match my event’s theme?

Yes! All of our performances can be customized to suit your event’s theme or colour scheme. Whether it’s matching our costumes to your colour scheme or creating character performances for your theme and selecting the best music, we are happy to discuss the possibilities with you. Get in touch!

I want a Show/Performance(s) as part of my event but I’m not sure what or when during my event. Can you help me?

Yes! That’s why we’re here! We’ve got a robust roster of performers and we are glad to present the options and help you decide on the best performers for your event. Please call or email for a consultation. We will ask you about your your venue, budget, your theme, and other pertinent questions about your event. Gathering this information helps us make recommendations that are right for you. Often, we will create one or more custom packages that you can choose from to create your ideal Show or book one or more amazing performers.

Do you charge for consultation?

Nope! Feel free to email any time or call (eastern time):

  • Sunday – Thursday 9:00 am – 9:00 pm 
  • Friday 9:00 am – 5:00

There’s a song I really love. Can you perform to it?

Yes! We are all about making your event special and personal to you. If there is a particular song you really love or that holds a special place in your heart, please let us know and we will be happy to customize our choreography to it. 

What is required for an Aerial Performance?

While Aerial Hoop and Trapeze can be performed in spaces with lower ceilings (minimum 15 feet), Aerial Silks performances work best when there is at least 18 feet of height.

We will also need a safe spot from which to rig our equipment. This is typically a support beam, such as an i-beam or girder, which has been certified for human load rigging. Depending on the setup in the venue, we may access the rigging point via ladder, lift, or from above. Some venues may hide their beams and rigging points above ceiling panels. In these cases, we simply remove the panel, rig the equipment, and then put the panel back in place once the performance is complete and the equipment has been removed. There is no damage to the venue and we make sure to leave everything exactly as we found it.

I’m not sure whether my venue will allow for aerial performances. Can you help me?

Yes! Let us know where you plan on having your event and we can give them a call to find out and hash out all the details.

Are your performances and shows appropriate for children?

Yes! All of our performers have delighted and wowed audience of all ages, including children. We also have performers that are specifically geared towards younger audiences. Please inquire!

How do I book a Tatyana Cirqus Arts performer(s)?

It all starts with an inquiry! Send us an email at or call us at 416-856-5908.

After I book a Tatyana Cirqus Arts performer(s), will any additional fees be applied to the agreed upon rate?

In short: Nope!* We know that planning great events requires attention to detail and accurate financial planning, and we want to help make this aspect of your event-planning as stress-free as possible. That’s why we ask you questions and consult with you to clarify exactly how we can make your event  pop before we send you a quote. This allows us to make sure you get the performance(s) of your dreams and ensures that we foresee the need for any additional fees and include them in the quote. This way, you get the performance of your dreams and all parties are aware of, and can plan for, the financial aspect of the agreement.

*Please see “Last Minute Changes” in the answer below.

What sorts of things might warrant additional fees?

  • Travel costs: We charge for travel if our performers and/or riggers are required to drive more than 60 km from Toronto, ON (as confirmed through Google Maps or an equivalent application) to your venue.
  • Room and Board: Out-of-town events that require overnight stays (such as multi-day festivals) will be subject to room-and-board costs, as agreed upon by the client and Tatyana Cirqus Arts.
  • Customized Choreography/Music: All of our performances are expertly choreographed to beautiful music. Nonetheless, we appreciate the fact that you may have a song near and dear to your heart that you really want us to perform to – and we want to help make your event special and personal to you! Customizing choreography to particular music takes time and practice. We are known for the quality of our performances and we want to make sure each performance is executed perfectly. Therefore, we charge a fee per performer to account for the rehearsal time and space required to customize our choreography.
  • Rehearsals: While we train regularly to stay in shape and make sure that each routine is flawless, we appreciate that you may want us to attend a rehearsal at your venue, perhaps to hash out transitions between our performers and others you may have hired. We charge a fee per performer to account for this additional time.
  • Last minute changes: Sometimes things change on the fly. We get it: Life happens! We know that flashes of inspiration happen and that you may want to make changes the day of your event. For example, you’ve signed on for 30 minutes of an Ambient Performance but during the event decide that you would like an additional 20 minutes. No problem! Our performers are happy to accommodate and our Site Manager will be there, ready to discuss the possibilities and rates and to make an amendment to the signed agreement, if needed. 

Help! I’ve signed a Performance Agreement but I want to make a few changes. What do I do?

Please get in touch with Tatyana Cirqus Arts as soon as you know that you would like to make a change. Please note that some changes will incur additional fees (for example, adding a performer or extending a performance).